Ditch The Black And Wear The New Women’s Colourful Panties


Black has ruled the clothing lines for ages than we care to count. This king of all colours has held its symbolic stance in every culture that possibly exists in the world. Nobody can exactly tell when the notion shifted from symbolic to an illusion of slimming but whatever the logic be it definitely took the fashion world by storm. So it was not a surprise at all to notice that colour black has dominated every possible red carpet to every ramp walk of the fashion world. Every woman’s wardrobe sweetheart has been the creation of the black illusion and this for is probably going to rule the colour scheme forever for its fashion sense of optical creation.

The second closest colour that came after black has been the colour white. The extreme end colour from black has been the choice for all equally because of the symbolic significance but also for the soothing visual appeal. Since these colours have been the essential they found their way in the women’s lingerie as well and seem to stay there forever. Probably the boredom that followed with the constant same basic colours availability is the main reason why the introduction of women’s colorful panties has taken the world of lingerie by the storm. The vibrant colours from bright, pop and even neons are purely irresistible for the eyes that it makes you desire to own each one of them at least in this lifetime. Lingerie admittedly has come a long way and not just in retrospect to colours but also in terms of designs as well. Ladies briefs are no more just all about those cotton things which existed with all the entire purpose of its functionality. Today the panties are available in all kinds of fabric like lace, silk, satin, and spandex and they are designed with usage and practicality as foremost in mind for women of this era.


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